1)How to study 1 month before exam

First and foremost, stay calm. You got almost a month and 50% done is a good sign. I would suggest that you focus on the basics of whatever remains. Clearly this is not the time for doing big mcq books. Try to go over something small and basic. Coaching notes, your own notes or even your board exam notes. You can divide your day into three parts. One big part completing syllabus. Another smaller part to revise what you already know. The last small part to look at the question papers. It's ok if you cannot solve them. Read through the answer key. You will get familiar with the pattern and will be comfortable on the exam day. Trust me, no one can finish the syllabus. You just gotta do as much as you can and be good at it. Stay calm and remember you can do it. Also, it's crucial to stay away from negative inputs at this time. It is better to abstain from comparing with friends as to how much they have completed. Surround yourself with positive inputs and do the best on the exam day. 28 days is a long time and a lot can be fine if you eliminate the stress. At the end of the time even if you know your 75% but know it well enough to use it in the exam you are good to go. -Written by Dr Shagun Chahal , MBBS (AIIMS,Delhi)