2)I am in class 12, how to prepare for NEET

"In my opinion this is the most crucial year for your career. So where to begin the preparation. I feel the preparation begins right in the classroom. Be it your coaching class or your school, it is important that you utilise this time to concentrate and make good notes and keep your concepts clear. If you pay good attention in your lectures, more than half the job is done. This is the single most important thing. It is not important where you take coaching or where you go to school....it is more important that you read the standard books and devote your time to your studies. You may like to practice MCQs based on the topic being covered in the class. So keep a fixed time for that. Or just do it as a fun activity. Try to fit in small amounts of MCQ time within your main concept study. Once the main syllabus is covered....all you have to do is practice previous year questions. There is no single way to do the preparation. What worked for me may not work for you. So it is important that you understand what benefits you and just follow it sincerely. There will be times when you will be confused or unsure about your future. But this is normal. It is alright to feel it. The important thing is to keep going. Do the things that keep you happy and keep preparing . Also about the books.... I feel there are so many books out there, you can honestly choose any but make it point to stick to it. Keep NCERT as your reference bible and you won't even have to worry about the boards. I hope this helps you. I know it went a little long...but I really hope you get what you want. Good luck. “ -Written by Dr Shagun Chahal , MBBS (AIIMS,Delhi)