1) Getting into any good college in India (Any government medical college/IIT/IIM/ any reputed college )is extremely difficult. Selection rate is always less 5% . To excel in this atmosphere you have to give your everything into studies. You can’t afford any distraction. You have to keep working hard even after getting into a good college as only the best among the best will make into the next level (post graduate) required for a bright career .

2) If you are in school, and in a relationship, your brain is always multitasking, and you can’t concentrate fully in studies .

3)Most of the school romance die in school itself for various reasons , they are temporarily.

4) Most of the school romance are of infatuation, one sided nature - which causes more distraction than any committed relationship.

6) Maintaining committed relationship is even not easy , we can see that in our family , relatives . Even mature adults suffer with it , it will be more difficult for school kids .

7) Research shows teenage brain , and nervous system are not fully mature . That’s why they behave impulsively. Relationship at this time is more fragile .

8) The whole teenage life is for understanding our environment, and fellow human beings. We can learn more about opposites sex by being good friends with them . Besides, bonds of friendship has much higher chances of survival than any teenage romance .

9) As during teenage , our self-esteem depends on the approval of others , any romantic rejection at this age badly damages our self-esteem for life , and it often result into violence .

10) Every failed relationship leave its own scar on our hearts, and it is not easy to recover from them.After few such scars, we might lose our ability to wholeheartedly love a person , which will bring result in unhappy marriage, and lifetime of unhappiness.

Then what should you do ? You should fully devote in studies between age 13-23 /15-25, or at least between age 15-21, take your career into a good position, and then dive into all these romance , and relationship. By that time , you are also mentally mature enough to take a good decision,you also have a good educational qualification , and you might be financially independent as well. The perfect time to start a long lasting relationship is between age 21 to 23.