5)The problem with medical and engineering coaching system

1)We are observing the Indian medical coaching industry for the last few years , and one thing we have noticed the cost of medical coaching is rising every year , irrespective of the fact whether the quality is improving or not . e.g. if the cost of 1 yr classroom contact program at a reputed coaching institute costed Rs.58000/- for 2013-14, this cost has skyrocketed to Rs.102500/-in 2017-18. With the introduction of NEET more and more students felt the need of joining classroom program at a reputed coaching institute. As the no of reputed teachers is limited everywhere , coaching institutes were unable to provide quality faculty to all batch . So more and more students are subjected to sub-standard teaching even after paying higher fees every year . A) Often 300+ students in a classroom B) No personal care of students. C) Quality faculty is not available for doubt clearing .

2) The method of coaching has not changed over the years . The students are taught in the same way as they were taught 30 years ago . You attend classes , get notes and bunch of study materials, you try to understand and memorise them , then you take periodic classes irrespective of the fact you understood the content or not . This process works well for top 5-10% of the students , but this process doesn’t work for vast majority of the students, and they feel depressed during coaching time itself much much before the actual result declaration .

3) What is the success rate from any reputed coaching institute? It should be more than 5-10% . Success rate means what % of enrolled students make a government medical college . They never talk about it except showing photos of some toppers .

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