6)How students normally prepare for NEET or any competitive exam

1.At school / coaching institute students don’t understand the lecture completely

2. Probably they understand 80-90%

3. They go home , and revise the material

4. By the end of the day they remember 80-90% of that 80-90% they understood in the class

5. If they don’t revise , they will forget whatever they learnt in a month

6. After learning the theory , they often don’t practice questions, or practice half-heartedly

7. Students who practice the questions properly might forget the answers if they don’t revise in a week.

In each of the steps of understanding the concepts in the class , reading the theory at home , and then practicing the questions at the end - some gaps remain, you can call them deficiency in preparation.

Gradually , these deficiency in preparation accumulates , and in the end they end up scoring less than their expected marks .

( P.S. - Intended audience is students who score around 250-450 in NEET )

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