We are so excited to have you in our course! We hope that you will learn a lot from it and feel inspired to make positive, healthpromoting changes in your life and the lives of your loved ones. The course consists of 4 sections of material, each containing 4-6 short videos on topics ranging from food and nutrients to trends in eating to how to cook and eat for both your health and happiness.

Part 1 (A Short History of Obesity, Macronutrients, & Their Effects):

In this section we will examine the social and cultural shifts that have contributed to our modern epidemics of overweight and obesity. We will briefly review the nutrients found in foods, their different functions in the human body and how we can support our own health by choosing wisely from the foods within each category

Part 2: (Contemporary Trends in Eating)

In this section, we will explore the ways in which highly processed foods differ from real, whole food and the implications of food processing on our health. We’ll also look at how our consumption of sugar has changed in recent decades and explore sensible solutions for people who wish to start eating better. We will also meet Kevin, a middle-aged pre-diabetic man, and find out how a step-wise approach to behavior change helped him change for the better.

Part 3 (Future Directions in Health - Section I):

This section focuses on sustainable solutions to the challenge of choosing healthier foods more frequently. Michael Pollan explains his mantra and how we can use it to make better food choices. We also begin to explore practical tips for preparing foods that will support our health and enjoyment.

Part 4 (Future Directions in Health - Section 2):

In this section you will find more practical tips for grocery shopping, reading labels and assembling a balanced meal. We also learn more about the most important secret ingredient for success: moderation

Introduction to the master the art of learning part 1

Your brain has amazing abilities, but it didn't come with an instruction manual. Perhaps the greatest gift that our brains give us is the ability to learn new things everyday.

Our goal is to give you a better understanding of how we learn, so that your brain becomes a better learner.

These insights are based on solid research from neuroscience, from cognitive psychology, and also from dozens of leading instructors and practitioners in difficult-to-learn subjects. Whether you're a novice or an expert, you will find great new ways to improve your skills and techniques for learning, especially related to math and science.

You can benefit from these ideas whether you are struggling in high school or soaring through math and science at graduate levels at a university

You'll see how you can fool yourself about whether you actually know the material. You'll discover new ways to hold your focus and embed the material more deeply and powerfully in your mind. And you'll learn to condense key ideas you're learning about, so you can grasp them more easily, master the simple, practical approaches outlined here, including simple tips to help prevent procrastination. And you'll be able to learn more effectively and with less frustration. This course is meant to enrich both your learning and your life. You'll able to get what you want from this material. So, welcome to the course, and happy learning


Welcome to Master the art of learning 2! You are joining some of the most popular online professors in the world, which makes you popular with us. We like you already! This course is about how you can do and be much more than you ever might think. It's about how you can grow from failure to success. It's about how you can broaden your horizons and be more than you ever thought you could be, no matter what your age, or your past. It's about how you'll feel better and be healthier because of a learning lifestyle. And, it's about how to look around you, at what you're learning, in your place, in what's unfolding in the society around you. So you can be what you want to be, given the real world constraints that life puts on us all. No, this isn't a course based on magic, where we promise to somehow turn you into a genius and make all your wishes for learning and careers come true. But you'll see, that by using certain mental tricks and insights you can often learn more and do more. Far more than you might ever dreamed, we'll talk about what science tells us about how we learn and change. We'll build on what you already know to take your lives learning fantastic new directions.

“Of all people only those are at leisure who make time for philosophy, only they truly live. Not satisfied to merely keep good watch over their own days, they annex every age to their own. All the harvest of the past is added to their store. Only an ingrate would fail to see that these great architects of venerable thoughts were born for us and have designed a way of life for us.”

We are studying philosophy precisely to break ourselves of rote behavior. Find what you do out of rote memory or routine. Ask yourself: Is this really the best way to do it? Know why you do what you do—do it for the right reasons.

Stoicism is designed to be medicine for the soul. It relieves us of the vulnerabilities of modern life. It restores us with the vigor we need to thrive in life. Check in with it today, and let it do its healing.

Through the work of the psychologist Albert Ellis, Stoicism has reached millions of people through what’s known as cognitivebehavioral therapy (CBT). As a form of a therapy, CBT helps patients identify destructive patterns in their thoughts and behavior so they can, over time, direct and influence them in a more positive direction.

Stoicism is about looking at things from every angle—and certain situations are easier to understand from different perspectives .Become an observer of your own thoughts and the actions those thoughts provoke. Where do they come from? What biases do they contain? Are they constructive or destructive? Do they cause you to make mistakes or engage in behavior you later regret? Look for patterns; find where cause meets effect. Only when this is done can negative behavior patterns be broken; only then can real life improvements be made.

Students are often unaware of the most basic study tips.In this course,we have compiled all the ' Common Sense' a student must have for a happy, prosperous student life.Follow them on a daily basis, it will make being successful so much easier.

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